March 18, 2008

iPhone dual-boot

Jonathan “NerveGas” Zdziarski who is a iPhone hacker have released a hack that makes dual-boot possible on the iPhone.

He also reveals that the iPhone Dev Team have used dual-boot hack to JailBreak the iPhone for several months an felt it was the appropriate time to share this hack with the public.

The hack is useful if you would like to have 2 version of the iPhons firmware running at the same time. The hack is still complex and requires some command line to get it to work. Also you have to create partitions on your iPhone.

NerveGas have made a disclaimer, so be sure to read it before you start hacking your iPhone to allow dual-boot:

"The following instructions can result in PERMANENT, IRREPARABLE DAMAGE to your iPhone. This information is provided WITH NO WARRANTIES. All liability is DISCLAIMED.

Read the guide here: iPhone Dual Boot / Jailbreak it is a step-by-step guide to boot multiple iPhone firmware versions on your iPhone.

March 17, 2008

iPhone and ubuntu

If you are running ubuntu and have considered to by a iPhone but don't have there is now hope because there is a guide to how you can transfer video and music to the iPhone. If you have a iPhone and also want to use ubuntu you can also use the guide.

The guide describes how to transfer music and video to the iPhone. It is reasonable complex and limited but if you have some time to try it out, I think you should try.

This guide requires Ubuntu 7.10 or 8.04.

Read the guide here:

March 12, 2008

Copy & Paste now on the iPhone with iCopy

One feature that has been missing in the iPhone is the Copy and paste functionality, but now iCopy brings Copy & Paste to at least your iPhone's Safari browser. You don't have to hack your iPhone to get it to work.

iCopy is a bookmarklet for Safari with allows you to copy and paste text or URLs within Safari on the iPhone.

iCopy allows you to copy and paste almost any text on the page, but beware that any text you copy is sent across the internet in the URL. This is not a secure way to sends sensitive information over the internet therefore don't copy and paste that contains important private information.

You install iCopy as a bookmark. The easiest way to install it is to either drag or Copy/Paste the link to your bookmarks bar in Safari (Pc or MAC) and then sync your bookmarks to your iPhone via Safari.

For the full guide to installe iCopy then visit the developer’s homepage here: iCopy

Copy Text and Email Demo:

Copy and Paste Text Demo: